Race Vehicles

2012 Jimco Trophy Truck/Trick Truck

This Jimco built beast is powered by a Chapman Racing Engines engine, Rancho Drivetrain transmission, King shocks with finned reservoirs, racepak dash, and rips across the desert on BFG project tires, and night gets turned into day with KC HiLites.

2014 6100 Truck

This sweet 6100 has all the bells and whistles. It terrorizes the desert on BFG Project tires, etc. We have had tons of fun racing this beast. Pics coming soon!

2015 Brenthel 2400 Car

This car is amazing! It has it all. The Ford EcoBoost Twin Turbo engine keeps us going fast, with tons of torque! The Albins transmission and BF Goodrich Project Tires transfer that power to the gound. King Shocks eat up the desert terrain as it sails along! Pics coming soon!