Vegas to Reno 2022

The longest off road race in America includes some of the most brutal off road terrain and some of the most fantastic scenery on the schedule.  This year the danger factor got dialed up a bit more when the monsoon rains threw in some last minute course curveballs, making an already challenging course that much more difficult. The truck was in top form for the start and we literally drove the wheels off  — losing the right rear wheel and most of the wheel studs in the process on a hillside around the halfway mark.

 Changing a 120 pound tire is a job, changing a 120 tire on an incline with the hub buried is damn near impossible!  After reattaching the tire to the remaining studs, we limped it back to the pit to evaluate the damage.  This team never quits and was determined not to break our finishing streak for the season so, we went for it – finishing the race with only three studs on the right rear. The truck is really dialed in and we can’t wait to get back out there for the next one!